Obstacles To Change Can Help You Or Stop You From Living Your Dreams

Over the last few weeks, I have gone through my 7 steps to preparing for a major life change. I have confronted my  smoking excuses, and got myself to the point where I was ready to quit. However, today, I started once again having to face my own obstacles to change, and it motivated me to share some of my thoughts.

But first, let me tell you what happened to get me thinking today…

Now, I have been here before, and it seems like life has a way of pounding me at inappropriate times. SO, today was my quit date. I set it several weeks ago, and worked hard to get myself ready for today. But, evidently someone has a big sense of humor.

I get up this morning, a little testy already, but doing okay. Made Breakfast for the kiddo, and got ready to take my girlfriend to work. On the way to drop her off, we got rear ended!

Not a great way to start off the day.

(Why is it that every time I try to quit smoking, things go wrong right when I quit? This is the 5th time I have tried to quit, and something MAJOR happened every time right when I quit.)

I hope to answer this question through this post, but that question was what motivated me to change my way of thinking about challenges today!

So, then we have to go to the ER and get all checked out, then we got to go home. Actually, all in all it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. We were home within 2 hours of the wreck. The Dr. gave my Girlfriend some pain medicine, but that was about it.

(sometimes you can wait that long just to get seen in the ER)

Now, she is off for the weekend; Not only is she dealing with her pain from the wreck, but she also has to put up with me as I quit smoking and go through withdrawal. poor girl. Seems like she sometimes has it rough.

Facing Obstacles to Change

I have been thinking about all this a bit today, and I have a different idea of this.

Every time I have tried to quit smoking, something major happens  within the first few days. Often, several things hit all at once.

I have often contemplated that it was the universe telling me not to quit (don’t we use some really lame excuses to hold on to bad habits?) , but this time I am looking at it a bit differently.

This time, I am thinking of it more as a test of my resolve to see it through.

Think about this…

If you can push through the hardest times, during the most difficult stage of recovery ( the first 3 days is always the hardest, because you are fighting the physical addiction plus the mental one…) you can make it through whatever lies in your path in the future. You can use the early battle as an excuse to keep in the habit, or as an obstacle overcome later on to lend you strength in facing other obstacles in your life.

What kind of Obstacles Get In Your Way?

What kind of obstacles are in your way to change? is it the obstacles that really stop you from succeeding, or is it how you look at them? a simple shift in perspective will help you find new ways to overcome obstacles, whether it is in quitting a bad habit, or spending more productive time in your business, or to whatever change you want in your life.

Share your thoughts and how pushing through obstacles helps you to create the changes you want in your life.

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  1. 18 August 12, 2:29pm

    Hi James, I’m glad everything is okay. I actually didn’t see your post until after we spoke in chat. There’s nothing worse then getting rear ended and having someone hurt themselves to the point where it affect everyday life. One of the largest obstacles I’ve had to over come is finding the money online to keep my dream alive. I need more and more customers if I’m going to be a stay at home dad so making Blog Engage more profitable with no money to start has been extremely difficult.

    • 18 August 12, 2:51pm

      I know what you mean on the business end. gotta monetize your business and keep it profitable, and sometimes that is hard to do.

  2. 20 August 12, 8:38am

    I think you’ve picked up the message in the right way now. You’re going to be tested in everything you do. You’ve heard the saying anything easy simply isn’t worth doing. Giving up smoking is going to improve your life big time. You’re going to be tempted to go back to it, you’re even going to try and convince yourself you don’t benefit from quitting. Just stick with it. Hey think of it like blogging. Those that quit never see the money. So in the olympic spirit of things, go for gold.

    • 20 August 12, 9:30am

      Hey Larry, thanks for that message, and I agree. I am having to fight the urge to go back, but I do see the benefits of quitting, and it helps having the support of my family behind me.

  3. 11 September 12, 2:36am

    You are going to be tempted to go back to it, you are even going to try and convince yourself you don’t benefit from quitting. Just stick with it,……….!

    • 11 September 12, 7:51am

      temptation is definitely there, but with patience and determination, it will become easier with time. Any bad habit can change, but you definitely have to focus on changing the mental habits that keep you locked in the physical habit.

  4. 25 September 12, 8:19am

    Many of us fear change and are reluctant to adapt ourselves with the changing circumstances. The main obstacle that comes in the way of change is our own psychology. I have been planning to quit smoking too from a long time but it never just happens.

    • 10 October 12, 8:44am

      That is true. fear is the only real obstacle to change. if you break through your fears, you can change any habit. I have struggled to quit smoking myself, but I fully accept responisibility for that and am working to change the fearful thinking habits. Smoking is as much a mental and psychological habit as a physical one. the physical habit is actually easy to break, but the psychological one is often difficult.

  5. 27 September 12, 6:07am

    I agree with most of the things you have mentioned. But sometimes, it is not you that needs to change. It is people around you-your “dreamkillers” who hold you back and ask you to change your priorities. Sometimes such restrictions could be societal, familial, cultural too. somethings JUST cannot be changed.

    • 10 October 12, 8:42am

      Hi Dipa, I understand where you are coming from, and I used to believe the same thing myself. However, I came to realize that I cannot do anything to change other people, but I can change how I respond to them. Everyone will face circumstances beyond their ability to control, but the only way you will take control of your life is to stop blaming circumstances and other people, and accept fully that you are the only one who can choose your life. If others are hodling you back, it is because you choose to allow them to, usually on an unconsious level through hidden habitual patterns that you aren’t even aware of. The only one who can kill your dreams is yourself. There will always be negative people who seek to hold you back through their own fears. However if you choose to not allow them to control your decisions, you can empower yourself to rise above them.

      People can tell you to change your own priorities, but the choice is still yours! One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Dr. Wayne Dyer: ” Never underestimate your ability to change yourself, and never overestimate your ability to change someone else!”

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