Take Charge of Your Reality And Gain Momentum In Your Life

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Over the years, I have made tons of mistakes. However, no matter what mistakes I make, I always try to use them to become more and more aware of how I can always improve.

Recently, I went through a major emotional roller-coaster that woke me up to several areas I was making some huge mistakes in my personal life and in my business. I had to swallow my pride pretty hard, and really make some hard choices that would ensure my own growth, while taking care of my family.

Often, life has a way of shifting your priorities for you, giving you new opportunities and opening doorways that were once closed. This is what has happened to me.

As I went through this, I talked to one of my mentors, who helps me a lot with financial decisions, and how to move forward, and get unstuck from the self inflicted limitations I have.

As we talked, one thing we discussed was building momentum. Although we weren’t specifically talking about my business, I see how it applies here, and thought I would share a simple shift that will help you get out of being overwhelmed, and take charge of your momentum. This will help you

The Rule of 3

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Often, when you get stuck and start procrastinating, its because you are so overwhelmed with the huge number of tasks you have to complete. When you face this in your life, you need to focus on just 3 simple tasks.

These should be 3 tasks that you can complete within 1-2 hours (for all 3 combined). These should all be high priority tasks that will directly impact your business.

These have to be activities that will directly get you more leads, more sales, or build existing relationships.

Just a few tasks to add to your list:

  • Write a new blog post targeting a specific need in your niche (sometimes I even do 3 blog posts at once and schedule them ahead of time so that I don’t have to do it every single day…)
  • record and upload a video helping solve a specific issue common to your niche (again, you can do several at one time, and then upload them when you are ready)
  • write an email to your list sharing more depth to a recent blog post. This gives your list that exclusive feel that you share more with them than with the public blog readers.
  • Write a review of a product you used today that would benefit your target customer’s needs. These reviews need to share your personal experience, not just some swipe info you stole from their sales page or other reviews.Publish that review with an affiliate link to where people can check out and buy the product.
  • Pick out one tactic that can help your USP and write a detailed process to implement that tactic. publish it as a special report or ebook.
  • Write¬† a guest post for a popular blog in your niche sharing why a particular challenge common is necessary to overcome and what you have done in your own life to overcome it.


This list is by no means a complete list, but it gives you an idea of the kinds of tasks that I am talking about.

Now, as you do each one of these, you aren’t focused on what you can get out of it. Otherwise, that will come off in the way you approach it. Instead, focus on how you are going to use each of these to serve your ideal clients and customers. If you don’t know who your ideal client is, you need to work out your customer avatars first.

3 More Tasks To Build Your Authority

Once you have 3 tasks that will pretty directly accomplish your immediate goals, you also want to do 3 tasks that will help with your long term goals. This would be things like posting on social media, forum posting, and other tasks that generate relationships but no direct revenue.

These need to be pure service to the people in your niche. Sure, it’s okay to give a call to action asking for social shares or comments, but you want these to be completely about adding value and helping people solve a problem with as little fuss as possible.

This gives you a total of 6 MUST DO tasks each and every day. Perhaps you even schedule a week at a time so you already know what you MUST DO every day. These tasks get done first, and then you can do other things that are necessary but not critical to your businesses success.

Taking it To a New Level

Okay, so not everyone who reads my blog is running a business. You can also use this in just about any area of your life that you are struggling in.

Health Issues – find 3 tasks to help you meet your personal health goals.

Relationships – find 3 ways you can improve your communication with your partner, children, friends or family each day

Just about anything you do in your life you can find 3 things to do today to make it better.

So much of what causes procrastination is getting overwhelmed with everything you need to do. If you limit the number of things to accomplish it will help you focus more and you will see better results. Also, plan this out the day before and review that plan right before going to sleep. Then, your mind will work on how to do those 3 things as you sleep.

How are you using the Rule of 3 to keep yourself from being overwhelmed? what other technique do you use to stave off procrastination? share your thoughts below…


About James Pruitt

James Pruitt is an author, blogger, and speaker in the areas of personal balance, personal growth, and creating inner peace. He has studied and worked with people since 1994 in the areas of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical balance and healing. Check out more at www.jamesmpruitt.com/about


  1. 27 July 13, 2:28am

    This is a very inspiring post. And I agree with you wholly. You can take charge of any aspect of your life and momentum in doing so.

  2. 06 August 13, 3:50am

    It is our life and only we can steer it the way we want to (except for the natural factor). We should make a conscious effort of gaining momentum in our lives. Thanks for sharing the inspiring post.

  3. 19 October 13, 5:50am

    Those a pretty good advices. And I agree with you. When we are down, we must find the way to keep going forward. If we can’t run, then we must walk. If we can’t walk, we must crawl.

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