Finding HoPE In Dallas TX Despite What the Media Is Covering

anchor-681854_960_720So I spent last night reflecting on what I have seen over the last few weeks and been through lately and I had some wonderful experiences that should be shared.

All the buzz online seems to be centered on hate, fear, and people going out of there way to hurt others.

In Dallas Tx, there has been major buzz about the mass shooting of police officers and racial intolerance from all sides. There is major news about rich people and poor people, and politics.

However, in Dallas Tx this last week something else happened that most people don’t know about.
There was a gathering of people…
Some were white, some were black, others were hispanic, and all kinds.

Some were living in poverty while others were doing pretty well off.

However, none of that mattered at all. We all had a common bond, our love for our children with HPE.

These children all share a common diagnosis, but vary in functionality. Some were quite severe with many underlying medical issues that face life and death every day.

Others, like Emily have severe developmental delays but are otherwise pretty healthy and look and act like they are somewhat normal.

None of that mattered. There was no jealousy (at least on the surface) from families with more difficulties than others. There was no racial, political, or financial diversity.

There was only Love and support. When some of the kids became ill, we pulled together and supported the families, no matter who they were or where they were from.
We all shared laughter, tears, prayers and concerns. We shared triumphs and victories, and sorrow for those who had passed on.

We honored those children who were no longer here with us, and gave support to their families as well.

If people choose to focus their time and energy on fear, hatred, and destructive behavior, they will find a way.

If they choose to spend their time and energy loving others, they will also find a way.

My heart is with all my new Families for HoPE, Inc. friends and family. Thank you for such an awesome experience.


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