The 5 Secrets To Achieving Your Dreams Even When They Seem Far Away

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If you struggle with achieving your dreams in life, business, relationships, or any other aspect of living, you are not alone. In fact, most people that I talk with regularly wonder if they can achieve their dreams.

My life isn’t perfect. In fact, that truth is part of what has held me back from publishing the 6 ebooks that are half finished, starting my own consulting services, and keeping me from doing all the things that I want is because of the many mistakes that I have made. I am now really committed to changing all that. Following are several things that you can use today to start living better, achieve more with your life, and break free of the mold that you have created for yourself.

Achieving Your Dreams Starts With YOU!

When you start questioning if achieving your dreams is possible, you limit your chances to succeed. Don’t feel like you are alone in your moments of doubt though. Heck, I have been there myself quite a lot.

My business has sometimes suffered from my own mistakes and I often struggle to make myself follow my own advice when it comes to valuing time and effort in achieving success.

However, I have recently come to the realization that perfection is not what personal development is all about.

Find a Mentor -But But Allow Them To Be Human

If you are looking for a mentor who is perfect, you will be looking for a long time. In fact, nobody out there does everything perfectly. The truth is that the people who you look up to don’t avoid every mistake, they simply learn better ways to deal with it when they realize that they made one. They are also true to themselves, and admit their mistakes when they crop up.

Seeking advice from others is really a great way to achieve all that you want, but you need to be sure that you apply that advice. Don’t get caught up in listening to people that you agree with all the time either. I have several people that I don’t like personally, but I listen to their advice regularly.

Stop Pursuing Perfection Yourself

I have come to accept that Perfection is a process, not an event that happens, and you have to enjoy the process, no matter what you do. The pursuit of perfection is a goal that can never be reached, and will drive you crazy if you are constantly trying to achieve it. If you wait until you are perfect to do something, you will never do it. So, even if you make mistakes, GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING TODAY!

This brings a quote to mind that I thought I would share here.

Never put anyone on a pedestal. All they can do is fall off.

-a really great friend, and spiritual teacher of mine from many years ago taught me that. Although I often failed to understand some of the things he shared at the time, with life experience, it helps to make sense. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal. When you look up to someone, don’t expect them to be perfect. Don’t ever put yourself above others either. All you can do is fall down on your face, and lose their trust in you.

I have had some really great times over the last few years. I have had many highs where I thought I was at the top of the world. I put myself on a pedestal a few times.

And the fall hurt. A lot!

At the same time, I have had many low points where I thought living in the gutters would be a great step upwards to make. Those times really sucked. But, as we will discuss in a minute, I came to realize that every one of these happened through my own creation. I did it to myself!

Break free of self imposed limitations, and drag yourself out of where you don’t want to be. It will be difficult at times, but you will be in a position to create a real change in your life.

Through it all, I have had a few things that has helped me to keep going, no matter how bad things got, or how good it seemed to be going at the time. Today, i thought I would share a few things that I use to motivate myself and keep me going forward in pursuit of my dreams:

Find and Live Your Purpose

Although I never really thought about it much until recently, I have had purpose. Although I haven’t always held up my end of the bargain, that purpose is always there, in the back of my mind. It guides my choices (even if I sometimes make the wrong ones…) and it leads me in the direction that I want to go.

Everything in your life has lead you to where you are right now. In your past, you can find the common theme that should guide your life’s direction, and give you the purpose that you need to create lasting change.

However, finding your purpose and living it are not always the same thing…

Once you find your purpose, you have to make it your life. You can’t let others make your decisions for you, or allow others to drag you down. Often, when people try to blast you off your pursuit of your own purpose, it is because they are denying their own, and your pursuit of yours makes them feel guilty. People who feel guilt rarely take responsibility for it, and would much rather play blame games, and whoever they feel is the cause of that guilt will become their target.

Develop Self-Belief

This one has really been hard for me. In fact, it is often one of my biggest shortcomings. However, over the last couple of years, I have been able to develop more belief in myself.  One of the key reasons for this is that I have let go of the need to look to others to make my decisions for me.

Don’t take me wrong, I still listen to the advice from others, and I always recommend that you do that. However, you have to take responsibility and own your choices. You won’t be able to do that until you let go of fear and denial, and look honestly at yourself. You have to learn to accept your shortcomings, and believe in yourself with them, not in spite of them.

Self belief is not something you will find by seeking approval from others. You will only find it inside of yourself. Look deep inside, and find your uniqueness. Let go of the past that kills your goals, and release any excuse that comes from doubt fear, or self loathing. Overcome the fear of living and start believing in your own right and ability to create the world that you want for yourself. It is the only way that achieving your dreams will become possible!

The SEcret To achieving Your DreamsUnleash Your Imagination

As children, we live in a world of magic and wonder. Our imaginations lead us forward and help us to reach experiences never before thought possible. However, as we grow up, we often leave behind the imagination and learn to listen to the “real world”.

Lately, I have come to realize that what most people call the “real world” is just a delusion that stems from how they imagine that the world SHOULD be. They don’t really see the world around them. Everything that you see, touch, experience, and “Know to be true” is based in your imagination.

It’s time to reconnect with your imagination, and start creating the world that you want to live in. You are already subconsciously using it to build the life that you have, so its time to do it consciously and create the world that you want for yourself.

Imagine yourself receiving the things that you have in your goals. Spend time every day visualizing yourself getting what you want. Believe it to be true. This will help your mind find a way to make it happen.

Most people spend their days imagining what they don’t want. They plan and picture what they will do when they fail. Then, when they do fail, they aren’t surprised because they have used their imagination to create the belief that failure is their only option.

If you want to win sweepstakes and contests, you have to unleash your imagination and let it ride.

Whatever you want to do in your life, achieving your dreams will require you to live with purpose and imagination. Build your confidence, and believe that you have the power to create the life that you have always wanted.

What do you do to help with achieving your dreams? What is holding you back from pursuing them? share your experiences in the comments below

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  1. 27 March 12, 12:49am

    Wow! “Unleash your imagination and let it ride.” I need to do that. 😉 I have a to attend to.

    “Perfection is a process” – truer words were never spoken. I learned decades ago that being a perfectionist didn’t mean you were perfect or would ever achieve perfection – only that you would die or kill yourself trying.

    This is a wonderful post, James – and I love that vibrant, hauntingly “off” image – it’s so wrong and yet so right. So dark and so bright. Wouldn’t you just be awestruck to see that world like that? (This is one reason I hope, some day, to see the Aurora with my own eyes.)

  2. James Pruitt
    08 April 12, 5:20pm

    Thanks Holly 🙂 really waiting to see what you do in the race. love reading everything you write ever since I first heard of you back when Surviving the Blog was in the building stage…

  3. 10 June 12, 2:09pm

    I am also hunting for a mentor, do you know where I can find one. I am serious about setting goals and reaching out.

    • James
      10 June 12, 8:45pm

      Hey Shalu, it really depends on what you need a mentor for, and what kind of challenges you are looking to overcome. I know many people who coach others through different life challenges. I am working on setting up my own coaching services myself (going through some personal coaching training at the moment in fact) but there are many great people out there who offer coaching services.

      First of all, what do you need help with? second, how much do you value their time? You will find people who will mentor you for a small fee, anywhere from $50 for a one hour coaching session up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per hour.

      Also, now days, with blogs, social media, and online training, sometimes you can find a “mentor” by simply following up with what they share on their blogs and newsletters. this gives you an opportunity to make sure you “get” someone’s teching style before you hire them for coaching.

      if you are really interested, I would recommend my friend Jonathan at he has a great coaching program. although I am not a client, I have read a lot of his work for a long time, and he is a genuinely great guy who cares about helping people.

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