James M. Pruitt




I’m James Pruitt,

I am a blogger, pod-caster, and father of a disabled daughter.

James Pruitt

MY Mission

My Mission with this blog, and pretty much everything I do in my life  is to Help people like you take control of their lives, eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors, and master their inner world, so that they can be the master of their own outer world.

My Journey Into Personal Development

My whole life has been about helping people find their way through adversity and finding a sense of balance and harmony. From an early age, I found people asking me questions about how to make decisions or what to do in adverse circumstances that they faced.

The funny thing about that was that my own life was always a mess. In fact, until just recently, it has been a chaotic mess that I felt like I had NO CONTROL OVER! I will go into more details on that in just a minute.

Even with all the chaos and turmoil in my own life, people still looked to me as someone to help them overcome their challenges.

As I studied personal development, I realized one of my own biggest challenges was not embracing \ and taking ownership of my self created circumstances.

I also found through working with others that this was often the biggest challenge most people face….

And sadly, most people NEVER get out of that nasty habit!

The more I studied, the more and more I came to understand that for people to really embrace their lives they needed to find balance and harmony within themselves.


My Biggest Challenges

Growing up, my life was not easy. In fact, often it was down right painful.

When I was about 10 years old, my dad dated and eventually married my step-mother, Patricia. Although I really knew how things were with them until much later, I thought things would be good with our new family.
In the beginning, I was excited. However, over time, things got bad.


She lost control of herself over time, and began taking her fears out on me and my brother. She basically used us as free slave labor to do all the work around the house.
She would also physically and emotionally abuse us if we didn’t do things the way she thought they should be done.

Opinions weren’t acceptable. It was her way or else…

And or else was painful…

Once upon a time, she had been a school teacher, back in the days when corporal punishment was still allowed in the classroom. One of her students had made her a paddle and it was painted silver.

We called it the gray ghost.

She didn’t really take the time to teach us how to do any of the work, she just demanded that we completed the tasks, and would often beat us if it wasn’t up to her expectations, although those expectations weren’t really ever made clear beforehand.

Now, I was a bit of a normal teenager, and I can’t say that I didn’t have any part in all of it. I often got myself into trouble, like all teenagers tend to do.

However, I usually felt as if it was all my fault. There was plenty of blame to go around, but over time, I became shy and reticent around people.

I also wasn’t allowed to disagree or share my own feelings about anything. That would wind up more painful than anything. The gray ghost was always around the corner.

She also always demanded a reason for everything, even if the reason I was being punished wasn’t even my fault.

Often, I would have to make things up, because once she decided I was in the wrong, no amount of evidence would change that idea. The gray ghost would continue singing while

I made up an excuse for whatever wrong I was currently being blamed for creating.

She was very careful to make sure the bruises weren’t visible, and I got in the habit of never wearing shorts. People thought it was strange, but I would wear jeans, even in the middle of summer. I actually rarely wore shorts until later, when I was in my mid 30’s.

In 2012, I started developing this idea, and trying to find a way to share it with people. As I did, my life took a turn I didn’t expect.

My fiance became pregnant, and we soon found out her brain didn’t form properly.

When I first found out my daughter had a brain malformation, I went looking for resources to help cope with the struggles we would be facing.

Although I found many resources helping with the various challenges our daughter has, we couldn’t find anything focused on helping the parents deal with the daily struggles, emotional turmoil, and every day challenges complicated by having our daughter and all of her challenges.

It became overwhelming, and for a while, I had to put aside my plans. Now, as we have grown, I have found even more that embracing your life means embracing all that life throws your way.

How I turned It All Around

This is the first time I have publicly shared this, and many who have known me for years may be surprised by just how bad things got.

However, this guide isn’t meant to be a pity party or to make people feel sorry for me. In fact, it is meant to be the opposite. I want to impress upon you that I have been through tremendous pain, and came out as a better person because of it.

Over the years, I worked hard to let go of the past. I knew the pain from those experiences was holding me back, but no matter what I tried, the pain wouldn’t heal.

I went through hundreds of programs, counceling, and therapy trying to overcome the damage that was done.

As I grew older, I began studying all areas of personal development, more to figure out how to overcome my own challenges than anything else, and I found that the best way to live a life of fulfillment is to have a balanced life.

This means balancing your life spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

A little over a year and a half ago, my stepmother passed away. As I started dealing with the aftereffects of her passing, I found that I had to work through the anger, resentment, and pain that I had towards her.


How I can Help You Overcome Your Own Limitations

I spent the next year working through a system (that I made up myself) to help me become more clear on the life I wanted to live.

This system has helped me to truly embrace my own life, and I want to use it to help you:

Overcome self-sabotaging habits that keep you from success

Save, find or build the relationships of your dreams

Embrace the career that makes you most fulfilled, provides for all your needs, and aligns with your personal passion and purpose

Create anything you want in your life: wealth, love happiness, joy, abundant friends, and time to enjoy it all!

There are a lot of things I have seen and heard in the personal development space that are loaded with bunk.

I have seen people who treat anyone not living by their own standards as something to look down on.

Having spent 3 years raising a disabled daughter, I know what it is like to live in poverty, and not know how to get the next meal for your family, much less come up with all the care your child needs.

I know you don’t always have the time or the resources necessary to even get by, much less design your life.

However, you can reclaim your power in the moment.

In his movie “I am not Your Guru” Master motivator and transformation coach Tony Robbins said:

“People need to remember, Life happens FOR you, not TO you.”

Every challenge you face can destroy you or become a doorway to launch you to greater heights. Let me help you take control of your power to launch yourself to a better life.

With my blog and podcast, I want to share some of the journey that I have been on and continue to enjoy. I will share many of the insights I have learned, and some of the strategies you can use to start embracing your life to the fullest.

No matter what you want, or wish you had in your life, you can begin the journey by Embracing Your Life Today!